About us


S3 offers a full range of security services and logistics solutions, both domestically and outside of the U.S. In addition to our core capabilities, our services include personnel escort to ensure successful, risk-free transactions, emergency response and evacuation operations, intelligence and medical support, on-call private aviation, and secure transportation support with end-to-end personnel and asset tracking through our Operations Center.


With a robust global footprint, S3 provides a wide-range of security services in more than 130 countries. Our multilingual teams provide critical communication and translation services to support business transactions, bridge the gap between cultures by ensuring that our clients are briefed and well-versed in local customs, courtesies, business processes and business etiquette.


We are truly client driven. We become a trusted extension of our clients' inner circle, and ensure that our clients' safety, satisfaction, and comfort level is always a top priority. We are hyper-responsive and dedicated to providing world-class service, even on short notice. We take price in delivering secure, streamlined services based on proven business processes. When called upon, we move in minutes and hours, not weeks and months, when called upon.


S3 offers a full range of security services, both domestically and internationally. In additional to our core services of secure logistics services, our offerings include intelligence gathering and market assessment and feasibility studies, personnel and asset tracking, emergency response, medical support, aviation support for passengers and high value cargo, cybersecurity assessments, and video surveillance monitoring. S3 seamlessly integrates these capabilities as needed and delivers them 24x7x365 under the supervision of our experienced leadership team.


One of the fundamental aspects of logistics service excellence is having a global reach. Our global network spans across continents, countries, and regions. Such an expansive network allows for efficient and secure transportation and the distribution of goods to virtually any corner of the world. Global reach is essential as our clients often require services in multiple countries and our global network ensures that these needs can be met seamlessly. Whether it is air freight for urgent deliveries, ocean freight for cost-effective transport, or road transportation for local distribution, our global reach offers a comprehensive range of secure logistics services tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Our local teams provide critical local knowledge, market intelligence and foreign language skills, which are essential for providing effective logistical and security services.


At Systems3, our clients’ security, safety and satisfaction is our top priority. We are hyper-responsive and dedicated to providing world-class service when called upon. Our teams move in minutes and hours, not weeks and months. Our company was founded and is operated by former members of the military and law enforcement community with first-hand knowledge and a strong understanding of the administrative, logistical and security challenges involved in doing business internationally. We know how important it is to be available and responsive when critical needs arise. We have a passion for our business, a unique perspective and real-world experiences supporting our clients and business partners.